Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 9

Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 9

Happy Monday everyone.

Episode 9 and I still don’t have a shower or a kitchen 🙈

This week we finished the ceiling above the kitchen area and the drywall in the bathroom. Finally, we pass the drywall inspection and we can start installing the tiles.

*Whether you are looking to do renovations in your place, or you already did renovate your place, in that case, you know what I am talking about, you never know when you will need to do some changes to your home, you should read this, it might help you in the near or far future.

last week we had a few inspections, one of which was electric. The electrician waited here from 9 am to 3 pm. No one came. Calling the inspector multiple times also did not help as he didn’t answer. The next day we found out what happened, he was too busy and had too many appointments so he decided that it would be a good idea not to come to the meeting, not to reply to calls, and not to let us know that he is canceling this inspection.

I have no words to describe this 🤦‍♀️

I know I always do my best to respect someone else’s time. I tried to be on time when I have a meeting and if I am late, I will call. I don’t know what gives him the right to disrespect us and to treat our time with complete disregard. The electrician and his worker were waiting here for 7 hours, I lost 3 days, becouse the inspection was pushed forward 3 days, and basically, I lost the week becouse he came only Friday and all work will be pushed to Monday.

Another thing you should keep in mind before you start renovating, don’t do the same mistake I did.

When I decided to renovate I was looking for all the materials that I needed. For example, I went to look for a new floor. I found the floor I liked and I bought it becouse I was afraid that they will run out of it and then I will need to start looking again. I didn’t think it will take so long to start the work/ finish the work. Well, it is not finished yet… I had many boxes of floor left since the lady in the store gave me too many boxes, but now I can’t return them becouse 6 months have passed since I bought them and they have a return policy of 90 days. This is not the only material I have that I cannot return.

Also when you buy a few months ahead of time sometimes things are changing and you will find out that either you change your mind about some of the materials or they don’t fit what you need anymore. In that case, you will not be able to return it.

Have a wonderful week, I hope to have my shower done this week 🙏

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