Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 14

Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 14

Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 14

So, what did we have this week…

Here is why nothing has been done in these last 4 weeks and why nothing will be done before tomorrow…

It seems that for renovations you need a letter of commencement from the county you belong to.
What is that letter you are asking…?
That’s a good question, just another thing to slow you down, or should I say, stop you all together if you don’t have it.
This letter was supposed to be done with all the other documents for the renovations. Before starting the work you suppose to get this letter from your county. When the inspector is coming to your home he might ask for it and if he does, you should be able to produce it.

We had a few inspections since the beginning of the project but they didn’t ask for this letter. You would think this will give your contractor enough time to make sure this letter is in the papers. Furthermore, since one of the inspectors asked for it before I left the country about a month ago, This was supposed to give the company enough time to get this from the county, a whole month! But still, this was not done. And nothing was done this month, we are just standing still in the same position.

So when I came back I started pushing to get this letter. This takes about a week to get since the county needs to record it (whatever that means)
Why couldn’t we have the inspection this Monday you ask, well in this case, it is not my contractor’s fault, here you should blame Martin Luther King federal day. So, the inspection will be tomorrow.

After that one, we need to have another inspection on Wednesday. For what you are asking, prepare yourself… this is not a joke!

An inspector will be here on Wednesday to check…. The screws!
YES! Unbelievable isn’t it? They have a special inspection for the screws. We need to use specific ones that they are demanding and to make sure that you are not fulling around they have a particular inspection for it.
So here you go why before Thursday probably nothing will be done here…
I think this also answers the question of why renovating a small apartment takes so long.
Have a wonderful week guys. I hope we will not be missing or have any loose screws… 😀

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