Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 8

Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 8

🙌 Happy Holidays!

👉 Please keep in mind, when you are renovating, holidays are not your friends.

*Whether you are looking to do renovations in your place, or you already did renovate your place, in that case, you know what I am talking about, you never know when you will need to do some changes to your home, you should read this, it might help you in the near or far future.

As I mentioned before this relates to Apartments/condos, not houses. If you are renovating an apartment, every holiday is a STOP sign. It means no work. the building is closed to workers, sometimes a day before and a day after. In my case, the building was closed on Thursday and Friday. Why Friday you ask? becouse they can. The HOA office decides when to shut down work and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. So last week we had only 3 days of work, out of these 3 days, we had 2 inspections.

About inspections…

When you schedule an inspection, again, no work, you don’t know until the morning of the inspection when the inspector will come. If you are lucky he will be there in the morning and sometimes the workers can keep working after that. If you are not lucky, he will be there in the afternoon meaning, no work that day. Basically last week, I was left with one work day. It’s amazing how easily a whole week is shrinking into one day. I was also sick with the flu, so it was basically a waste of a week.

Not looking forward to the end-of-the-month holidays 🙈

Still don’t have a shower and a kitchen… yay 🤦‍♀️

Will keep you posted.



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