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Dafna Aviv

The "Trio Principle"

A few seating areas in the living room

Right size sofa

There are a few principles in home design.
One of them I like to call The “Trio Principle” Rule of Three.

The “Trio Principle” or the Rule of Three is used as a guideline in interior design. Decor, artwork, furniture placement, and accent colors.

Your accent color can be pulled from artwork in the room, or from a printed fabric on larger items. Color continuity creates a cohesive, harmonious look. You don’t have to use the exact same color scheme in every room, but you should connect the colors throughout your house because you would like the eye to flows smoothly from room to room.

When it comes to home design whenever you are adding color, it has to be added at least 3 times. Adding a color to a room less than 3 times will look like a mistake, it will look to the eye like something is wrong with the overall design.

You can add color more than 3 times, but not less. Colors have a big impact on design and should be treated accordingly.

The Trio Principle applies to all aspects of the design process especially when it comes to the accent color.

A little color can work wonders, always use the Trio Principle to pull it all together.

Why Three? One is not enough, and five or more is too much.

One will look like a mistake like you didn’t think it through, it doesn’t really create a lot of energy or interest in a space. Two will still look like a mistake and since we also have the rule of Odd Numbers, which we will address in a different post, two is not enough and is not an odd number. When you repeat a color 3 times it will always look like you did it on purpose and will never look like a mistake.

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Too big sofa for the space

Too big sofa for the space

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