Learn How To Design Your Home

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Online Interior Design Class


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Online Interior Design Class
Learn how to decorate your home.

Learn to decorate your home easily & fast?

An online class that to learn everything you need to know to make your home beautiful.

What you get:

  1. The 3 most important rules in home decorating.
  2. How to start your design?
  3. What is a focal point and why do you need it?
  4. What are the first few things to choose for your home design to get started?
  5. How to choose your color pallet.
  6. How to choose a rug.
  7. Size & Proportions.
  8. How to hang your wall art correctly.

The results: You will get the knowledge to create a beautiful home.

Our classes on 12 PM Sundays WhatsApp text here 1 954 295 0008 for more info

Class duration – 1 – 1:30 hour

Online Interior Design Class


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