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Dafna Aviv

Should we use Wallpaper or paint?

Stencil looks like wallpaper

Stencil looks like wallpaper

Should we use Wallpaper or paint?

Wallpapers are a good choice when you want to incorporate a specific pattern on your walls or if you would like to create an accent wall. I love wallpaper since it gives us many options in regards to patterns, texture and color.

Wallpaper can add a lot to your design and it is a relatively cheap way to add interest and beauty to a room


Wallpaper is a key trend for 2020!

Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone, from traditional to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal and architectural designs. Wallpaper, using the printmaking technique of woodcut, gained popularity in Renaissance Europe amongst the emerging gentry. The social elite continued to hang large tapestries on the walls of their homes, Now more than ever we are taking inspiration from the past to influence the present. England and France were leaders in European wallpaper manufacturing.

If we want to get a room designed, wallpaper is a very good choice considering you know how to use it and where. In the 70’s they used to put wallpapers on all the rooms walls, these wallpapers had busy patterns, and having them on all the walls was a bit too much. Today we have a different approach whereby we can cover one or 2 walls or even just a part of a wall in order to get an accent piece. Also, there are many variations of colors and patterns some are which are very settled, so there is a wallpaper for everyone.

Paint can be much cheaper. If you would like a cheaper choice you can use different colors of paint or you can also use a wallpaper stencil that will look exactly like wallpaper. Keep in mind that you need to know what you are doing, but if you make a mistake, paint is easy to fix. Another coat of paint can fix any mistake you might have made.

Whether you are using wallpaper or paint, it has to work with your overall design flow and colors. I love to use wallpaper in a design to get a unique and special look.

Show us pictures of wallpaper and paint as accent walls ????



adding colors to an accent wall

Wallpaper on an accent wall and paint

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