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Dafna Aviv

Wall Art

I love wall art and I think that it is most important to have wall art wherever you have the right space for it.

I find it an eyesore when I see wall arts hanging the wrong way.

What do I mean by hanging the wrong way?

  • The pictures or any other wall art were placed too high on the wall. Many times I see a picture of a beautiful home design but the wall art is placed too high and that doesn’t look good. Pictures, clocks, or any other art should be placed at an average standing person’s eye level.
  • The average person’s line of sight is 60″ above the floor. The center of your picture should sit there.
  • Above a sofa, you should leave about 6″ – 8″ inches of space between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the picture. Its width should be no more than two-thirds of your sofa’s total length.
  • Above the fireplace – it looks best when it is wider than the fireplace but doesn’t extend past the mantel.
  • A gallery of more than one picture? You can use a uniformed frame with the same size placed equidistant from each other. I don’t recommend trying a more creative approach by placing pictures of different sizes together simply because I think you should really know what you are doing and it might end up looking bad. But you can do that if you buy a gallery of picture frames that comes with a template.

You can find below pictures of how to hang your wall art. I believe this could be very helpful.

You are welcome to comment here and add pictures about your wall art or ask questions regarding ????



How to hang pictures

How to hang pictures 2

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