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Dafna Aviv

Size & Proportions

A few seating areas in the living room

Right size sofa

Size & proportions are very important when designing your home. Both scale and proportion have their place in the visual hierarchy.

A well-balanced aesthetic design that works well for daily living is important. When I design a room the way my client envisions, I help bring their dreams to reality.

Every part of your design is connected.  By changing the tiny things in a room, you can throw off the balance of the rest of the design elements. If you add too big furniture to a room or too small, it will look like something is not adding up in your room. It will always feel that there is something wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Having a system in place for choosing your sizing scale will help you save time and money in the long run.

Size vs Scale vs Proportion

Size – is the actual dimension of an element.

Scale – is the relative dimension of an element.

Proportion – is the harmonious relationship between two or more elements of scale.

How to choose your furniture size?

  • Measurements – First, you will need to take measurements of the room itself, but also of the space that is going to place that element, like a sofa. It is wiser to mark the space with tape on the floor.
  • Ratio – The ratio between objects. You need to configure the size of other objects in the room and make sure that everything is working in harmony regarding the ratio of all elements.
  • Scales – the scale of the objects in the room also needs to work smoothly and that is in regards to size but also materials. consider the materials you are using. you can combine different kinds but that needs to be done delicately and you need to know what you are doing.
  • Proportion – the proportion is all about the context of the other elements in the room. Proportions are the relations of many pieces to many pieces.
  • Moving – don’t forget that you will need to walk around the room and you have to leave some walking around space that is comfortable to you.

When used properly, the powerful combination of scale and proportion helps bring balance to a room.

Please remember that every element in the room is important, like picture accessories, etc. If you will not consider the right size for each room you might end up overwhelmed or underwhelmed with your room design.

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Too big sofa for the space

Too big sofa for the space

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