To all my readers, my posts are here to help you with questions you might have about designing your home and also to raise important points about design that you might not think about. We can ask questions about what we know or about what we don’t know, but we can’t ask questions about what we don’t know that we don’t know.
Dafna Aviv
Some of you might find this topic strange, but not me ????
Whenever I see someone post a bathroom picture where the toilet lid is not down, I always think to myself OMG ????‍♀️
Let me explain why your toilet lid should be down always not only when you are taking pictures, but when you are taking pictures mostly!

  • When you are finishing with your business in the toilet you should always put down the seat and close the lid. Why? First of all, because there is a lid, if it’s there, why not use it?
  • This is an argument that I use to have with my husband. But apart from the fact that it’s not pretty to see a toilet and the inside of it, that is why there is a lid, there also health reasons.
  • When you flush the toilet, a bacterial mist is created. Studies have shown that the mist can travel several feet every time you flush, meaning any toothbrushes, towels, shower curtains, or surfaces in the vicinity are being blanketed in bacteria.
  • Pets love toilets, so if you have a dog or a cat, the same bacteria-mist that flies around after an uncovered flush will transfer to your pet if you leave the lid up.
  • Lids close things.  Guess what, the toilet lid is there for one reason, to close the toilet.
  • In Feng shui, ancient Chinese science based on natural energy, toilets should always be closed because water is drawing power. You don’t want to draw the energy in your home down the toilet literally.

Getting back to pictures. Never take a picture with your toilet lid up. If you are selling your home and you are posting bathroom pictures, an open toilet is not inviting anyone to come to see your house.

If you just want to brag about your beautiful new bathroom, an open toilet will not show your bathroom at its best.

Here are a few pictures with the toilet’s lid open and close, you will decide what is looking better.

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