Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 5

Renovation nightmare Journal – episode 5

I left, it was the smart choice 🙈

I felt like this would be the right decision. I didn’t think I would need to leave, I was confident I would be able to stay here throughout the renovation but I caved and left on Friday. Things got so bad, everywhere you walk there are electricity cables looking at you. It feels like they are trying to grab you and hurt you…

It seems that if you think you will be able to live in one room it is not so, as many things are connected to each other. On Friday they were working on the electricity and now I have electricity only in one outlet in my room. I had to create a spider-net of cables in order to get important stuff connected. like my fridge.

Please keep in mind this post is coming from my point of view only and it is only my opinion. This was not created to give any instructions or working information to anyone. It is only my story and it needs to be read as such.

Whether you are looking to do renovations in your place, or you already did renovate your place, in that case, you know what I am talking about, you never know when you will need to do some changes to your home, you should read this, it might help you in the near or far future.

Of course, once everything will be done the apartment will look amazing, I have no doubt, but as of now, it is unlivable.

Everybody asks me why they cannot finish everything fast this week. why it is taking so long? That is a very good question which I myself was asking.

Let me explain what’s left for this week…


On Monday they will need to create a better opening for the drain and move a pipe in the bathroom – 1st day.

Then they need to create a “bed” for the water to go down correctly, this will be done with concrete that needs to get dry, so they can continue working on it only the next day – 2nd day.

On top of the bed, they need to put a shower pan, you are asking what is a shower pan. look at the pictures in this post, something there needs to get dry one day as well, 3rd day.

On the 4th day, you need to get it inspected by the city, so you are scheduling an appointment with the inspector to come on Wednesday. Since Tuesday you have no idea when he will come, for that reason, no one will be able to work here that day because for example if he comes at 2 pm and we pass inspection we cannot continue working since the working day of the building is almost over.

So now it is already Thursday. We need to do the dry walls after that and before putting the tiles we will need to get the place inspected again. If I am lucky it will be on Friday, if not it will be on Monday.

As you can see, no tiles before next week… and this is in case all is moving according to plan and there are no unforeseen problems.


They need to finish the wiring, it’s not clear yet if this will be on Monday or Tuesday, in any case, the inspector will need to inspect the electricity as well on Wednesday.

We are already in Thursday…they will need to continue the work and do the closing of walls. Once this is done since the nature of the work that they are doing in my place is a bit different than other apartments and I insisted on having an open kitchen, they need a specific bypass that will need the electricity company’s approval, yes you get it, another inspection – “yay”… This one I cannot know when it will be happening as of now.

Are you still asking why this will not be finished in one week…🤔

Don’t worry guys, I will keep you posted.



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