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(5)How many items on your countertop?

Your kitchen Counter Top

Many home sellers do not know how many items they should have on the countertop when showing their house.
We have been asked this question many times: How many items should we have on the kitchen countertop when in a house show?

The kitchen is the center of the home. It already has many items like big and small appliances, some of which are placed on the counter.
Although you still leave in the house and still use it, your buyers don’t want to know that. Your buyers want to see everything clean with a lot of counter space. If your counter is full of items it will make i=the impression that this house kitchen is too small and it hasn’t got enough room for all the items. Automatically the buyers will think that this house is not for them.

Even if everything on your countertop is in use, it does not exempt homeowners from presenting the property in the most flattering way.
The number of items that should be on the counter when presenting the house to potential buyers: Only 3 items! We recommend that one of these items will be an accessory like a plant or a vase.

Sounds weird and impossible? Well, it’s not.
Think about yourself, when visiting a model home. One of the reasons the model home looks so amazing and appealing to buyers is that it has no personal items, and it looks like nobody is leaving there.
But you still leave in your home, you say? Yes, you are, but your buyers don’t care and don’t want to see that.
Think about it. What will you feel if you walk into a house and the kitchen is cluttered and the countertop is full and there almost no working space…?
Your buyer is no different than you, they will think exactly the same.

Three items on the countertop max is the key to a successful home sale.

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