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Dafna Aviv

Family Pictures

Correct way to hang family pictures

Correct and original way to hang family pictures

Is there a right place for hanging family pictures?

Many times I walk into a customer’s house to find family pictures hanging wrong.

What does it mean hanging wrong?

Many of us like to display our family pictures in our home.

Most of us have access to thousands of images on devices we carry with us everywhere. finding ways to incorporate a photo display into an interior design can sometimes prove challenging. The most logical place to hang your family photos is in the hallway.

Why in the hallway?

  1. Every member of the family is walking through the hallway, so everyone can enjoy them.
  2. In the living room, we would like to have pictures that are working with our design. And we also do not want our guests to look at family pictures every time they seat with us in the living room.
  3. Family pictures can be very nice but usually, they are not decorative elements. They can add a lot and look good in our hallway.

How to hang the family pictures?

  1. Many times I have seen family pictures hang so wrong that it was really an eyesore in the room.
  2. Family pictures should be hung in groups.
  3. Better to use frames that have the same color and width. You can have many sizes but still, the frames have to look the same in every picture.
  4. You should hang them close to each other in the group.

Here are some Family pictures that were hanging right and also wrong. I am sure you can tell which is which…

You are welcome to comment here about your findings ????



I think you can tell, this is not the right way to hang family pictures

Correct way to hang family pictures

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