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(2) Designated area - what is it and why?

Not how you present a dining area

This is how you present a dining area

Is every area in your home is showing the way it was created for? As the designated area?

We entered a client’s home. She has been trying to sell it for 10 months without any buyer or any offer.
In the dining area, we found a pile of children’s games and a large playpen.
Where is the dining area intended to be? We asked.
Ahh, the dining area should be here – the customer replied as she pointed to the large coop.

Did you know? A potential buyer who enters this home will think that this home does not have a suitable place for a dining table! – We said.
but why? She asked – Look, it should be here – she said.
Well, we said, if you are planning on relying on your buyer’s imagination, to imagine where the dining area is, you are making a big mistake.
Very Important!
Do not rely on buyers’ imagination when they entering your home and think that they will see a small area containing a pile of children’s games clothes and a crib, that they will imagine a dining area instead.

In a situation like that, you leave the sale to the imagination of the buyer who walks into your home.
Most people will not be able to correctly and truly imagine a dining area instead of a playpen and games, may even think the place is too small to accommodate a suitable dining area, and the proof is that this home seller was unable to sell her home for 10 months despite a price reduction.

If you are interested in a quick and smooth sale,
Every area in the apartment should be the designated area

You are welcome to comment here about your findings ????



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