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Dafna Aviv

Choosing a Wall Paint - Color

Choosing colors


What Goes First?

Painting walls or everything else?

Wall color is one of the most important things in home design, yet it is one of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners.

In many cases when I get to a home, empty or not, the wall color was already chosen by the homeowners, they already painted the walls and now they are ready to get it designed.

Let me explain, painting your walls before choosing a design and a color pallet for your design, is not the right way to start.

As I mentioned before in one of my previews posts in this blog, the first thing to do before you start is to choose an inspiration picture/ thing. It could be anything, a designed room, a beautiful view, or anything else. Once we have the inspiration we can go ahead and create our color pallet.

Once we choose the colors for the design, no…, it is not the time to choose the wall colors as of yet.

Why Not?

Consider the following, when you go to a store to choose paint, you will be able to find almost any color you need. The variety of colors is unbelievable. No matter which color you need, you will be able to find it in the store.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a rug, there will be limited rugs in the combination of colors that you want and you probably will have to compromise on what you buy in regard to shades, size, and form.

Once you choose a rug or anything else within your design that has a specific color combination, and only then, you can pick your wall colors by taking the correct shade from the colors variety and match them. Matching a paint color to your design items will be far easier than matching your wall colors to items that you want to buy.

Now it is time to paint your walls.

If you need to choose a wall color and you are debating what will be the right color for you, please ask me here ????????



Testing colors

Beautiful pink combination

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