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Dafna Aviv

Area Rugs

Great choice of area rug, colorful, happy, the size and shape are right, brighten up the room

Bad choice of area rug, this one add nothing to the space, color & size are wrong!

Before you choose an area rug, consider the style, the size, and the colors. Let’s take the living room for example:


What will be the correct area rug for your space? It depends where is it going to be. An area rug should cover the seating area, should also be a  bit under the sofa and chairs. If you want to save money and go for a smaller area rug, it will have to be touching all the seating elements in the room. Meaning, starting at the sofa covering the coffee table and touching the legs of the chairs. It also should be as wide as your sofa. An area rug that is smaller than that will look like a mistake.


If you are not a designer, an area rug could be one color or more than one, but it should not be the same color as everything else in the room. I would recommend getting one that can bring together all the other colors in the design.

Is it hard to find an area rug that will incorporate all your design colors? Yes definitely, that is why you choose the area rug first. If you choose the area rug first then it will be easier to choose all the other colors.


Usually, for a living room, the right shape will be a rectangle. That does not mean that you have to choose this shape but if you are not a professional designer that will be the easy choice for you.

Pile height:

What is the pile height? that is the height of your rug, some are lower some higher. the higher pile will give you a rug with more cushion. The pile was traditionally made from wool but since the 20th century, it can be made from a synthetic fabric.

Area rugs are different than carpets, rugs are considered to be smaller than a room and not attached to the floor. A rug is giving room warmth and coziness and today we have so much variety that it can add also colors and textures to a room.

You are welcome to comment here about your area rugs ????



Great color that works perfect with the white

Zebra shape and pattern area rug, a surprise in the kitchen

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