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This is a post series about selling your home fast and easily. I have 12 years of experience in helping people selling their homes, empty houses as well as occupied. The way to prepare an occupied hoe is different than an empty one. Homeowners that used my experience sold their houses much faster than other houses in the market.
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(4) A Home for a sale must be maintained perfectly

Light fixtures needs repairs

Wall needs paint

“No, no, the lamp here is not burned, it is just the lighting fixture, it has a short fuse.”

We got this answer when we stepped into a property for sale, and we tried to turn on the lights in one of the rooms, which obviously did not work.
When selling a house, everything in the house should work perfectly. If the light fixture is shorting the fuse and you can’t turn on the lights, make sure to fix it before you invite buyers to look at your property.
When one thing in a house does not work, then a few things come up into your buyers’ minds:

  • This homeowner does not care about the house and is not maintaining this house as he should.
  • If this small thing has not been fixed, this is what we see, what about things that we don’t see… are there other big problems in this house that we don’t know about? Who knows what else does not work here that I can not see. Who knows how much money I will have to invest here if I buy this property.

Most people will feel that it’s not for them, that it’s better to buy from people who care and maintain their home.

Before you put your house on the market:

  • Fix unworking light fixtures
  • Fix all your appliances make sure all is working correctly.
  • Paint whatever is looking tired and needs some TLC. It is worth investing a little money and fixing everything than owning an apartment in a market that is not sold, an apartment and needs refreshment.

A house that has been on the market for a long time costs you money and as time goes by the number of buyers who are interested and will pay you a visit will decrease significantly.

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Fix everything before your buyers come in

Your buyers envision a perfect house

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