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This is a post series about selling your home fast and easily. I have 12 years of experience in helping people selling their homes, empty houses as well as occupied. The way to prepare an occupied hoe is different than an empty one. Homeowners that used my experience sold their houses much faster than other houses in the market.
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(8) I'm selling the house, why invest money in it?

Why should I invest money in a house I am selling?

I’m selling the house, why should I invest money in it?
This is the way many sellers thinking. Why invest in a house that you are selling anyway…?

Here are a few reasons for why:
1. If the house you are selling has no consistency in style, and each room has a different look, or the house has no style at all, it will look like a bunch of furniture that someone put together.

2. The house is a mix of items. For example – one light fixture is modern and another was inherited and has a traditional style.

3. Some of the pictures in the house are beach style and some are indifferent style, sometimes we like to say that we have not yet found a name for that style.

4. The house needs repairs and fixing.

Although you still live in the house, remember to always think from the buyer’s point of view. Before posting your home on the market, it is advisable to check who are your potential buyers.
This way you will know which style will be the right and most appealing for them.

Buyers usually are interested in a modern/contemporary home.
We believe that you need to allocate a budget and invest some money in the look of the home, to make it look appealing and uniform.

A home with a uniform and flowing look will help the buyer envision themselves in the house and will sell quickly.
A confusing-style home will confuse your buyers as well.
Also, a house that is completely devoid of style will not attract potential buyers.

If you ever been to a model home, remember how it feels to enter that one.

It does not mean that you need to take a designer to design the house completely, but rather make some minor changes to add character and decoration to the property.
It is worth investing some money that will pay off in a sale, then avoiding an investment and waiting for the right buyer for months without a sale.

Don’t confuse your buyers!

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Not a good way to present a house

A good way to present a house

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