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This is a post series about selling your home fast and easily. I have 12 years of experience in helping people selling their homes, empty houses as well as occupied. The way to prepare an occupied hoe is different than an empty one. Homeowners that used my experience sold their houses much faster than other houses in the market.
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Dafna Aviv

(7) Are you explaining or presenting?


Are you explaining or presenting?

When presenting a house for sale it is highly recommended that you do not have to apologize or give explanations for things that are not right in it.
Even if you believe that your explanation is very convincing and right, it is likely that once you start explaining you lose your buyers right then and there.

Explanations such as:

* Why the lamp does not work/burn
* Why there is moisture in the wall
* Or just yesterday your son dropped a hammer so the floor is broken.

This is highly not recommended during a visit of a potential buyer to your home.

When your buyers walk through the house they want to see everything perfect. They don’t care if the dog just ate the baseboard because she is a puppy. They want to see a perfect house and no explanation will be good enough for them. They will probably understand and relate, but they will not buy!

Remember, it is your home presentation, not your home explanation!

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