To all my readers, my posts are here to help you with questions you might have about designing your home and also to raise important points about design that you might not think about.
This is a post series about selling your home fast and easily. I have 12 years of experience in helping people selling their homes, empty houses as well as occupied. The way to prepare an occupied hoe is different than an empty one. Homeowners that used my experience sold their houses much faster than other houses in the market.
My services are for homeowners as well as realtors.
Dafna Aviv

(6)These clothes are on the bed because I do not have enough space in the closet.

Pre-sale packing

This was the answer we got from a home seller who tried to sell her house with no success for 10 months.
When we asked her, why there are so many clothes scattered in the master bedroom?

No one wants to buy a house that does not have enough storage space, not even you!

So before you put your house in the market, take a few boxes and pack half of your closet, and put that in storage. If there is anything you will not use in your new place, my recommendation, get rid of it before your move.
If it’s summer, pack all your winter clothes in boxes and take them out of the house. You will need to do that anyway when you move.

“Why pack all my winter clothes? Our customer asked looking very surprised”
For two reasons:
* The house is too crowded, it sends the message that this house doe not have enough space for the family belongings!
* If you follow our plan step by step, you will not be living in this house in the winter, so that will save you time packing when you move out!

When selling a house, always consider what your buyers see, even or especially when it is not so convenient for you. The end result will be that your buyer will decide if they are interested in your house or not. You just need to help with their decision to buy your house.

Stuffed cabinets send a message that the house is missing some storage space!

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